フランス料理 ラントラクトは、新横浜ラントラクトのメインダイニング。
シェフ・笹尾 十三夫が作る料理は「楽しさの後の爽やかな余韻」がテーマ。

Executive Chef・Directeur général  Tomio Sasao エグゼクティブ シェフ 笹尾 十三夫



L'entracte French Restaurant is the Shinyokohama L'entracte main dining room.

From the window you can see a 25-meter waterfall. The spacious main dining room is ideal for weddings and functions.
Head chef Tomio Sasao produces delightful dishes that not only taste great but leave a refreshing aftertaste. Every dish is a wonder to behold, a perfect combination of ingredients as a celebration of the seasons. L’entracte has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is the ideal venue for that special occasion.

Executive Chef・Directeur général Tomio Sasao

Born 1954. Served as head chef at Isshin restaurant in Minami Aoyama (Tokyo) from 1982 to 2001 prior to opening SASAO. Director of the Syndicat de la Haute Cuisine Francaise au Japon (French Cooking Technical Association of Japan) formed in 1999. Runs Taste and Flavor classes at elementary schools. Has held management and operation roles at a number of restaurants.

Mr. Sasao has won a loyal following of fans for his dedication to great tasting dishes that leave a refreshing aftertaste, his skill in creating interesting combinations and his unique techniques for both enhancing and preserving the inherent flavors of ingredients.